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    He bewilderedly looked at the broken bowl falling on the roof, his thoughts were like wine, swept along the tiles, like rainwater sliding down, finally falling onto the eaves, both raindrops and tears.

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    Three figures took advantage of the cover of night, the pedestrians all went home, along the long road outside the Qingfeng building, one way to the east, under the guidance of Ah Fu, they walked through the streets and alleys. alley, chatting loudly. the voice is low when walking, and they feel that they are very speculative. Although there is a distance between Qingfeng tower and Chengdong brewery, they do not feel lonely and they are getting closer to each other.

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    The old beggar smiled and said: "Old devil, wait for me. Now that we are out of trouble, let's go to Thanh Phong town first, get drunk, and wipe away the dust for you." The Taoist monk was next to him, and the two quickly caught up.

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    The old man was silent for a long time, then sighed and said: "Forget it, ancient and modern success and failure, life and death, love and hate are all in the same pot, no matter what you are." If you want, come and drink!"

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    "Ready, dedicate this life."

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    Love and hatred cannot care about life or death, so why not leave it to the storyteller.

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    Suddenly a heavy sigh came from behind, a voice came: "Young man, go down, you shouldn't be there."

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    “Ooh!” With just one sound, the moonlight of the blue brick and stone pillar became more and more intense, and the cold black iron light of the chain rippled, as if the defense line was reinforced.

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    The people of Suolong village were very simple and honest, and the Fuhu Fist incident did not affect Zhang Ning much, but it just made all the villagers know Zhang Ning and respect him very much. Summer passed quietly, and autumn came. The giant tree in the yard is still full of life. The schoolyard had not been cleaned for a long time. Truong Ninh held a broom to sweep away the fallen leaves. Then, he looked up towards Baiyun Pagoda, thinking. “In the past three months, Tu Tu has not come to visit me once.” Truong Ninh was not worried, on the contrary, he was relieved. Although living long term with that person is not difficult, in the end you still need to make an effort on your own. Xiuxiu has to work hard now. After cleaning the yard, Zhang Ning looked into his own bedroom, as well as the bedrooms of Zhang Zishan, his wife, and his disciples who were still practicing. Zhang Ning took pen and paper from Wanbaofan, and left a book in the lobby. At this time, the courtyard door opened, there was no need to lock the door, after closing the door Truong Ninh immediately left. At that time it was still the busy farming season, there were few pedestrians on the road but there were many children, old women and old men. Seeing Truong Ninh, some people stepped forward to call Mr. show respect. This was not Zhang Ning's original intention, but there was nothing he could do. Just accept it. Like Zhang Ning in Zhangshan Village that year, he also had an extraordinary status. Zhang Ning followed the path to a small temple in the north of the village. This small temple is not a small Buddhist temple, but a Shinto temple. The nearby villages all believe in Buddhism, but this does not stop the villagers from believing in Shinto. When people are alive, they still suffer a lot, and they need to have faith in their hearts. After his death, he entered the Gui Yin Division. No matter where the holy path is, it is extremely important. But this small temple is not the temple of the town god, but an earthen temple. After entering the intermediate world, Yin Division's power also increased. In Daqi's time, there was only one city god in a state. After arriving in the middle world, basically every district has a town god temple, and within the territory under the management of the god, there are also places to serve as eyes and ears to assist the god. However, in the middle world, Am Bo can mobilize more troops, and at the same time, more people can attack Am Bo. There are many demons with unusual backgrounds, and demons who dare to attack Am Bo will go smoothly. escape. The General of Hell, the head of a cow and the face of a horse, is not a panacea. They are in charge of the heavens, even if there are thousands of copies, they cannot know everything clearly. This earth temple is called Dashun Town Earth Temple. And after Zhang Ning arrived in the Middle World, the mana he could mobilize became stronger and the Shinto Golden Book became more and more extraordinary. You can summon the land without entering the underworld. Zhang Ning did not enter the temple, because there were blessings in the temple, and talking was too troublesome. Zhang Ning called outside the Earth Temple. "What place is this?" A strong yin rose up, and soon he turned into an old man with thick eyebrows reaching down to his chest, hair as white as frost, ruddy face, wearing a white robe, holding a bag in his hand. stick. That is the land of Dashun town. Now King Chujiang's honorable position was known to the gods. After hearing the call, the land of Dashun town knew who it was. “Earth of Dashun town, I met the king of Zhujiang.” The land of Dashun town bowed to Zhang Ning in a manner that was neither humble nor overbearing. This is a characteristic of Shinto, even though Zhang Ninggui is the king of Chujiang, one person is still below ten thousand. But most people in Shinto are upright and kind, and they are not slaves. “The land benefits people.” Truong Ninh returned the favor very politely, then asked: "My mount, the ox demon dragon, three months ago went through the clouds and clouds to find Dai Ha to practice, but now it is missing. So I called the land and asked about it." The land of Dashun town heard those words, and immediately replied: "Three months ago, I saw a demon riding the clouds and fog to the north, and there is a great river. in the north, called the Yongning River, the King of Zhujiang can go and find out." "Thank you Land for letting me know." Zhang Ning said with a word of thanks. "King of Chujiang is polite, if it weren't for If anything happens, I'll go back to the Yin Master." Dai Thuan town shook its head and said. "Please." Truong Ninh said. Immediately, the negative energy dissipated and the land left this world and returned to the underworld. It's great to be organized, especially an organization like God's religion. Otherwise, Even if the world is champion, it will still be very troublesome to find someone. Zhang Ning took off the Wanbaofan on his head, then inserted a wooden hairpin to fix his hair, using the power of Yin, he turned the Wanbaofan into a plate. The yellow cloth was ten meters long. Sitting on the yellow cloth, he quickly walked north. Skimmed and occasionally stopped to ask about the local land, Chenghuang. Traveled seven or eight hundred miles. Zhang Ning landed on a barren mountain, in front of him was an earthen temple. There was no prayer in the temple, but there were traces of burning incense. The name of the temple was "Huangze Mountain Earthen Temple". In the temple there was an earthen statue, which was a red-faced, muscular general. Zhang Ning called out to the earth, and a misty atmosphere filled the air, then a red-faced and muscular general very similar to an earthen statue appeared. Just when Zhang Ning wanted to ask about his whereabouts of Niu Er, this land instead bowed its head and hastily said: "King Chujiang, there are demons making trouble here. The city gods of Ningguo, Changhan and Wuxiang led their generals and demon soldiers to conquer, but I could not enter the right door, and asked King Chu Giang for help." "Uh!!! " Rao Zhang Ning was also a bit taken aback. Now I was looking for cattle, I came across you and was about to ask about it, but I was caught again. But Zhang Ning must take care of this matter. First, he is King So Giang of the Shinto religion. Since taking office, he has also received a lot of care from the Shinto religion. Second, Zhang Ning hates ghosts and similar things the most. People in the rivers and lakes, you kill me, I kill you It's okay. In the astral world, monks can kill each other and get away with it. But evil spirits, demons and the like need to be taken care of. It should be noted that monks kill each other and avoid mortals. As for demons and evil spirits, they often run around endlessly, whenever they see anyone, they kill them. From this aspect, Shintoism is truly consistent with Zhang Ning's values. Shintoism also protects people. mortal, especially targeting demons and demons, regardless of the affairs of ordinary monks. Zhang Ning immediately asked: "What kind of monster, the land is recorded in detail." . People died in one night, Then in that area, yin and yang were reversed, creating a big battle. Yang people could enter but yin people could not enter. The local people had no choice but to report to the city god of Ninh Quoc, and the city god of Ninh Quoc. Invite Truong Han and Vo Tuong Thanh to help each other. Using force cannot get in. I want to report to the judge and four generals, asking the generals to come and resolve the matter, but a group of Taoist monks from Zixiao Temple passed by here. , forced himself to rush into the formation. One day has passed, the power of that formation has become more and more powerful, and that group of Taoists is still silent." The land of Hoang Trach Mountain said so. Zhang Ning immediately raised Van Bao Sail again, turned it into a long battle of golden cloth, invited the land of Huang Zeshan to rise, and asked him to lead the way to Liuhe town. Hoang Trach mountain land is very happy. Now the name of Chujiang King has spread throughout Yin Division, and even many powerful sects and experts in the Yang world have heard that there is a Chujiang King in Yin Division. Ranked among the four generals, above all judges, second only to Lord Yan. The four generals and judges were indomitable existences to the common land, symbolizing endless power and terror. You can compete with the Buddhas in Lingshan, and you can fight with the immortals. It was an existence only under Yan Jun, Buddha, Taoist Ancestors and the great saints of the demonic sky. And this king of Chujiang has boundless mana, stronger than four generals. This Hoang Trach mountain land was originally a general in the world, but because of his loyalty and courage, he entered the Underworld and became a land, now for thousands of years. Zhang Ning sat cross-legged in front, and he stood behind Zhang Ning with his sword, as if he was following a general. But it has to be like that, how can King So Giang's movements be without exaggeration? It is said that the King of So Giang has the country of So Giang, under his command there are judges and generals. Currently, these judges and generals cannot follow, they are used as guards, we should obey them. Huang Zeshan's land thought to himself. Wan Baofan brought the land of Huangze Mountain to the east 500 miles. The land of Huangze Mountain pointed to the east and said: “Over there is Liuhe town.” Actually, Zhang Ning saw it without mentioning the land. There is a spherical area in front, blood energy in the area spreads, yin and yang reverse, the formation is extremely solid. Outside the formation, there are dense warships, on the warships all kinds of ferocious ghost soldiers are lined up neatly, with a gloomy aura. Like the City God, the ghost soldiers in this medium world are much stronger than those in the small world. And with such turbid energy, the nearby beasts, snakes and insects fled far away, and those who did not escape died. A kind of matrix forms in the vicinity; if a normal mortal enters this range, they will turn around. This movement is not small, but there are many practitioners in the middle-class world. Of course they didn't dare come close while they waited, but being able to fly meant they were quite strong. At this moment, within this range, there were dozens of experts flying in the sky. There are monks, Taoists, lay people and demons. Or control a flying sword, or ride clouds and fog, or ride a horse. But none of them got in. As soon as the three city gods were here, they were very gloomy and did not dare to trespass without permission. Second, they don't have the strength to break in. Zhang Ning came here with Wanbaofan, not wanting to deal with ordinary monks, so he drove Wanbaofan, a yellow mist rose, covering everything, rushing into the ghost formation. Truong Ninh's actions were not small, of course dozens of monks present also saw it. Although the dozens of monks present did not have the courage or strength to go in, their background was not small. Among them were masters of the sect, as well as masters of the Thien Nguyen dynasty, most of whom were in the Dan Dan Kingdom. That is what is called inner alchemy. Spiritual energy is guided into the dantian for a long time, and the golden elixir is condensed to pray for longevity. In the main world, the Golden Core Realm is the entry point for practice. And in this Fengyue world, the Jindan Kingdom is already a small master. Of course, the golden elixir is a Taoist saying, Buddhists call it relics, true demons call them elixirs, Yin Tu calls them "miracle drugs", monsters call them internal pills. Collectively, these dozens of spectators are prominent figures in this part of the world. Among these dozens of people, three of them were a monk, a demon, and an expert of the court. Among them, the monks were the masters of Taolin Temple King Kong Academy and Master Faxiu. He has a very ordinary Buddhist image, with a fat head and big ears, plump body, yellow robe and bare feet. There was gentleness and compassion in his eyebrows. The monster is a general of the Yongning River Shui tribe, with green grass, a green face and long beard, strange eyes, golden armor, a red cloak on his back, and a red tassel spear in his hand. Caoshangqing's body is that of a large grass carp. The mandarin has a Chinese face, quite majestic, wears a cloth hat, dresses like a mandarin, and carries a knife on his waist. This person is the leader of the neighborhood, Chen Wannian. The three stood on a white cloud, paying attention to the situation. One of these three people is a Buddhist master, one is a demon of the water tribe, and the other is a police officer of the imperial court. Standing together may seem like a rebellion, but in fact they are organized. The Buddhist school does not tolerate evil spirits and does not deal with evil spirits. For example, the demon dragon in the well was also suppressed by Buddhist masters in Suolongjing for eating human flesh, hoping to save it with Buddhism. The court needs stability, and hates those who cause instability the most. Of course I also hate ghosts and ghosts. In addition to evil demons, there are also demons with rules in the world. For example, the Yongning River Aquarium does quite well. It has its own system, restrains the aquarium, and never causes trouble for humans. If you have trouble hunting down demons, you can also ask Yongning River Aquarium for help. Like a Buddhist master, there is a limit to taming demons. For example, if you fight underwater, your fighting power will be greatly reduced. Among the dozens of Jin Dan level experts watching, these three people were all decent experts, and there were also neutral people watching excitedly. "What the hell is causing the three Gods to surround and suppress us? The Gods haven't let us in yet. We're not passersby, so we can still help." pulled out the knife from his waist, a bit dissatisfied. He arrived later and was a bit unclear about the situation. "But the array is quite powerful, causing yin and yang to reverse, targeting the Yin Master's horse and body. The ghost soldiers of the city god cannot enter. But I heard that something happened to a group of monks of Tu Tieu Palace." passed by, so I asked for help. Taoist leader It was the Nascent Soul Realm, and a group of people entered, but there was no sound. The Jindan Ruins we went into, we didn't go and never came back? City God has sealed this place for good purposes." Master Faxiu clasped his hands and said. "The god god will naturally handle this matter. If it fails, the god god can report to the underworld judge. , the four of you will deal with it later, although the news is a bit late, the Yin Department really has it." General Cao Thuong Thanh shook his head, revealing a bit of fear. Taoism, Buddhism, demons and monsters Things in the sky are all huge forces, and Buddha and Taoism cannot command them at the same time. In Buddhism there are different sects, and in Taoism there are also many lineages, but in fact they are very loose. Not to mention Yaozu, it's a mess. Only the Shinto Yin Division is a strict and tyrannical organization. Yin Division's Styx River stretches in all directions, Yin Division's judges and generals have tens of thousands incarnation, can come to deal with it at any time. If you want to ask God, which organization should you not mess with? It is the underworld of the gods. But even so, some people lose Wisdom was born from time to time. Relying on strange tricks, they were able to escape the pursuit of the Yin Division, and rushed into the Yin Division to get the water of the Styx River. These paradises are really dangerous. At this time, Zhang Ning controlled Wan Baofan and quickly rushed into the ghost formation. Chen Wannian raised his eyebrows and called out kindly: "Hey, that man. There is the City God of the Underworld in front of him to handle the matter, don't act rashly, and you will lose your life in vain." , the illusion formation was opened, three city gods came out from the illusion formation, piloting the Yin Master warship.

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    Ling Langya didn't know if this had anything to do with whether he was a local or not. He didn't want to see another person who was kind to him take a risk, but this time he pulled Ah Fu and didn't let he went up, he said: "Let me go up and save him. Wait for me to return."

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    Everyone says that this narrator knows too much, but why does he know so many things.

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    The moonlight was as clear as water. Ling Langya said: "I haven't asked you how to address me yet. My name is Ling Langya. Lang Ya wanders the world."

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    Ling Langya stretched out his hand and said: "Old Bach, I don't want to play anymore. I don't want to fight with you today."

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    There was silence, and Aoki died. Die simply, die light. What kind of son is the Blue Dragon King, what kind of dragon, what kind of puppet of the Golden Dan Kingdom, just takes a breath and turns into ashes. This caused everyone to fall into dead silence. Mo Heiyu's words brought everyone back to reality from their dreams. Yes, Aoki is dead. And he is the son of the Azure Dragon King. And who is the Azure Dragon King? It is one of the highest fighting powers in Fengyue World, even much stronger than most Newborn Souls. Domineering, brutal, treacherous, cunning. Many people dislike Azure Dragon King, humans, water tribes, and land monsters, but Azure Dragon King lives a very beautiful and rewarding life. Why? strong. Not to mention the Thanh Dragon King, even those present, the Water Tribe and Luc Tinh Dieu, all had extraordinary backgrounds, and all followed their elders to attend the Dragon King's birthday party. Except for a few people, such as Li Yuanba, who was brought by his uncle Master Faxiu, and Master Faxiu's cultivation base was equivalent to the Taoist Golden Pill Realm, the remaining elders who came to the party were all is Yuanying. In other words, the Dragon King Palace right now has at least a hundred Primordial Heroic Spirits. The young souls of the world of Fengyue were linked together by the old Dragon King Mo Sheng's connection, and gathered here. At this moment, these Nguyen Anh Realm experts are probably in chaos, right? After all, they were all missing! But from another perspective, if their group of people went out of the real evil world, one person would suddenly go missing. For example, Ly Tu Khong died in the real demon world. So when the experts of Thien Nguyen Kingdom brought Ly Tu Khong to the banquet, will they give up? It must be tested to find out. If he knew exactly who killed Ly Tu Khong, he would definitely be extremely angry, and it would not be impossible for him to attack on the spot. And the one who died at this time was Aoki, son of the Azure Dragon King. With the Qinglong King's temperament, he could think about what would happen to his toes. Of course, it can be hidden, but there are too many people here and it cannot be hidden. That means, when Li Xiukong used the bamboo ticket to let everyone return to the Realm, Zhang Ning was faced with the terrifying existence of the Azure Dragon King. To be honest, everyone is not optimistic about Zhang Ning. Although Zhang Ning's knife is very special, it may even have powers beyond Fengyue's world. After all, looking back now, Zhang Chunnian of Tianbao Pavilion appreciated Zhang Ning so much that he gave Tianbao Pavilion a gold medal. Could it be that the terrifying power of this knife is just a realm of Yuan Ying? The Zhang family's vision in Tianbao Pavilion is not too shallow. But after all, Truong Ninh is just a kid in the Spirit Embryo realm, just starting out. This knife could be a war knife, or it could be a magical weapon. Zhang Ning was able to control the knife to kill the puppet of the Golden Core Kingdom, which was extremely surprising. Could Zhang Ning still be able to swing a knife and kill a powerful Primordial Spirit like the Azure Dragon King? Furthermore, puppets in the Golden Pill Kingdom are just puppets after all, not true demons or human monks, so there won't be too many solutions. And information will leak. Don't take the knife directly but find a detour to kill Truong Ninh, there are thousands of ways. Thinking like this, Zhang Ning on the contrary seemed like a boss boy holding gold in a busy market, ostentatiously walking through the market, surrounded by greedy eyes. Sitting on many treasures, but unable to protect itself, the end result was being torn into pieces. Zhang Ning may die if he leaves this world, and his magic sword will be chased by many powerful men. poor guy. Many people looked at Zhang Ning with pity. You have survived and obtained the pure yang flower, but you are about to turn into dry bones, your spirit and soul will be erased. Someone quickly turned around and greedily looked at the magic knife at Truong Ninh's waist. The little white tiger of the Lu He can protect you. But you must dedicate the magic knife in your hand to my father." "Hehe, that's right, don't be afraid, my father Yingxiongshan is not afraid of Azure Dragon King." The eagle also flapped its wings and smiled hehe. The little white tiger glared at the eagle angrily, and let out a cry of "oooooo." Everyone could see that the little white tiger had an intention. bad intentions. And the eagles want to take over the business, although the Lu Xing Yao clan is grouped together to fight against water and humanity. But internal conflicts also continue. Now in In their eyes, Truong Ninh is already Dao Dao's meat, naturally you will compete for it. Not only the little white tiger and little eagle, there are also other demonic beasts that also open their mouths to seduce. There is even a fox. The little red fox chuckled and said, "Truong Ninh, our fox house can not only protect you, but also send you beauties, each of them is beautiful." You have certainly heard about the most charming girl The witch is our fox tribe." Not only these demon tribes walk on land, but there are also some underwater tribes. The real Azure Dragon King very strong, and he needs to be afraid of three points. But in front of such a treasure, it seems that they can risk fighting the Azure Dragon King, so many aquariums also provide olive branches to recruit Zhang Ning's grave. The conditions are very generous. Even among humans, there are people who are moved. In general, everyone feels that Truong Ninh will die if he goes out, there is no other way. "Brother Truong Ninh , don't listen to what they say, the vast majority of them have bad intentions." Good Mo Heiyu heard evil, immediately felt evil rolling around, said angrily. She crawled from Zhang Ning's neck to Zhang Ning's arm and sat down with both hands and feet, she grabbed Zhang's clothes Ning held both hands and looked at Zhang Ning. "Brother Zhang Ning, don't worry, my father will protect you, he will not ask for a knife from you, the people of our Moh family are all upright." Mo Heiyu opened. With wide eyes, he spoke decisively. Many people agreed with Mo Heiyu's words. Na Guishou nodded and said: "Old Dragon King is very kind, will not be greedy for your treasures, he is a very good friend in Thien Nguyen Kingdom." There are many, and there are many human friends. Even if someone has malicious intentions and attacks aggressively, he can still protect you. But I don't think you will never leave the Dragon Palace in your life. hey, unless you break through the Newborn Soul." Once you achieve the Newborn Soul, you can use the magic sword, and you will be invincible. Otherwise, as long as Truong Ninh steps outside the Dragon Palace, he will be wiped out. Because even if the old dragon king is kind, he cannot protect Truong Ninh all his life. According to Guishou's understanding of the old Dragon King, protecting Zhang Ning in the Dragon Palace was probably the limit. Ly Tu Khong also said: "Brother Truong, no matter who you take refuge in, it has nothing to do with me. Let me be fair, the royal family of Thien Nguyen Kingdom has been associated with the Mac family for many generations, old Long." The king has enough skills, he will take care of you, but these monsters are simply not trustworthy." . "Master To Neng, your temple has also had a good relationship with the Mac family for many generations, do you feel the same?" Ly Tu Khong turned his head to Ly Nguyen Ba and said. Ly Nguyen Ba happily nodded and said: "Old Dragon King is indeed kind." Ly Tu Khong is not a bad person. Ly Nguyen Ba has been in this world for more than ten years and knows some things very well, he said. The old Dragon King was very trustworthy, but Zhang Ning believed it. What's more, the black jade in his hand was so sincere. Although Zhang Ning did not need the Old Dragon King's protection, he nodded with a smile, lightly touched the horn on Mo Heiyu's head and said, "Okay." "Ha ha. Mr. Zhang Ning." Mr. Mo Heiyu smiled, The little chubby hand hugged Truong Ninh's neck, rubbing his face into Truong Ninh's neck. It seems everything has been resolved. Those unexpected people also put away the evil thoughts in their hearts. Although they were not in harmony, if the old Dragon King protected them. That is also impossible. "If the matter is resolved, let's go, leave this world, return to the Dragon Palace, I believe the Dragon Palace is in chaos." Seeing that the matter had been resolved, Ly Tu Khong breathed a sigh of relief, then walked out of the Qiankun bag, the bamboo woven plate, this small, inconspicuous thing, brought them together to the Realm of Ghost Food. and experience this wonderful journey. "Return!" Ly Tu Khong said. Fengyue World, Yongning River Dragon Palace. There was no chaos in the Dragon Palace, but security was tight. Many Primordial Soul Realm experts who attended the meeting did not leave, and more Primordial Soul Realm experts arrived. Among them there are Taoist monks who are good at calculations, and there are also strange people in the cultivating world who are good at dealing with strange things. At that time, there was a black mist, and under the eyes of many Primeval Soul Realm experts, all the juniors were kidnapped and taken away. Dragon Palace was also chaotic for a while, but after the chaos, the experts also calmed down. Main hall of the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace is very large, even the small Purple Star Palace can seat many people, let alone the main hall. This hall is where the Mohist Dragon King ascended the throne, and is also where grand court events are held. It is very large, luxurious and sophisticated. There are over a hundred newborn Souls sitting at this time. Humans, water monsters, land monsters. But no matter how big the palace was, it could not contain those giant monsters, so all the monsters present turned into humans. This was certainly a rare momentous occasion for so many newborns of different races to gather together, and only an existence like the old dragon king Mo Sheng could do this. Even though Nguyen Anh Linh had limited his aura, sitting with so many Nguyen Anh Linh was still very scary. This is the top fighting power in Fengyue World. On the Northern throne, the old dragon king Mac Thang transformed into an old man dressed in black. This old man had white hair, a handsome face, and a slim figure. The old Dragon King's face was usually soft and friendly. At this time, the old Dragon King also had a serious face, and even anger in his eyes. A Jiao will always be a Jiao, a powerful and peerless being. At his 3,000-year-old birthday party, nearly a hundred of his descendants disappeared together. Suspecting that he had been taken away by the magician, the old Dragon King was extremely angry at this time. “Daoist Huyen Ninh, have you found out who took my juniors?” A Taoist sat cross-legged in front of the old Dragon King. This Taoist had delicate eyebrows, red lips, white teeth, and was an immortal. Taoist Huyen Ngong closed his eyes tightly. After hearing these words, he opened them again, revealing a pair of clear eyes. "Old Dragon King, please forgive me for being stupid and stupid. I couldn't find out who stole this junior." Daoist Huyen Ninh shook his head and said. nervous! He is another master of the Xuanzi generation in Zixiao Palace who is famous for being good at counting. The so-called calculation is actually extremely simple. In these heavens there is no way of heaven, nor is there such thing as arithmetic. Human destiny is not fixed, it changes anytime, anywhere. Counting is not the divination of mortal charlatans. So what is counting? Counting is intelligence and knowledge. The more you know, the stronger your math becomes. For example, if you want to hunt down a person, you can obtain various types of information, and after calculating many types, you can roughly predict your opponent's actions and where they will hide. And the highest leaders of the Shinto religion are basically experts in calculation. They are extremely helpful, acting in the human world with the identity of thousands of people. They also have the city of the Shinto religion, the land is theirs. . ears and eyes. As long as you use magic and communicate with all parties, you can know most of the secrets in the world. It is extremely easy to deduce a person's whereabouts with inherent information. Even Daoist Huyen Ninh can rely on his own experience to deduce what the other person is, for example from clues. But unfortunately, in this world, things like the real ghost world have never happened, so he doesn't know. Taoist Huyen Ninh's words made the old Dragon King extremely disappointed. There was someone who was even angrier, and that was the Azure Dragon King. "What the hell took my son? If I find out, I will wipe out his family and turn his bones to ash." A domineering voice rang out. Qinglong King is a middle-aged man with a square face, round eyes and a strong physique, wearing a green shirt. He carelessly unleashed his dragon power, causing a storm on the Yongning River, the huge dragon power stunned the clam girl and the guards in the Palace, even the mighty Water Tribe did not may not feel weak. Unless it is Nguyen Anh's soul, it is very difficult to resist. On the other hand, strong winds and waves formed on the river's surface, large ships rushed into the Vinh Ninh River, countless humans cried and fell into despair. "Qing Long, calm down, the old man's daughter was also taken away, the old man is also angry, but what's the use of being angry?" The dragon palace stopped shaking, blocking the violent storms on the Vinh Ninh River . The old dragon king also ordered the water tribe in the river to save those people and push the big boat back to shore, avoiding a disaster. It was the old dragon king who tried his best to restrain the water tribe that was able to have such a good reputation. “Huh.” Thanh Long Vuong looked very unsightly, he snorted softly, but he didn't bother anymore, this was the old dragon's territory, even he had to be respectful. Who, who took my son? The Thanh Long King roared in his heart. It was conceivable that if he knew who had taken his son away, he would definitely be chased and killed by this powerful green dragon and die endlessly. At this moment, in the Dragon Palace, a black mist appeared from somewhere, but not in the main hall, but in the three side halls, which were also the side halls where the descendants of the human race and water tribe lived. , and a race of land monsters was built. The last time it appeared was very brief, very sudden, and your newborn Souls did not have time to learn what kind of power it was. But now, he noticed. "Huh? This is a space fluctuation!!! Are they going to another world?" Everyone noticed, a bit surprised. Because their descendants have all returned. Only the Azure Dragon King was angry. "Where is my son!!!!!"

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    The narrator felt a little embarrassed, his heart was filled with surprise, he felt even more mysterious, he could not help but say seriously: "Please forgive me, senior, I am just a small scholar wandering around. Lost in this place, not knowing the etiquette. . . "

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    The old man raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky and said: "My dear, one day, you will understand. Actually, I don't know how to do it. I have tried a lot, but I have not succeeded. at have taught you everything I have learned in my life. I hope you can inherit my mantle. Our Zonghengjia, who walks the path of heaven, has compassion of space, stretching through the ages and crossing the eight wildernesses. But Zonghengjia is different from other clans. It only accepts two disciples in its life, one vertical and one horizontal, Cherishing each other and fighting together, but in the end, only one can survive. And you are my only choice now."

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    The short and thin man said to Ling Langya: "Little brother, if you are a man, let's talk outside the building and not disturb everyone's happiness."

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    Ling Langya walked three steps and immediately came to Hu Xu's side.

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    “So, my little girl, can you sigh and feel helpless?”

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    He knew that from the moment she appeared, tonight's play should come to an end.